The cloud based
radio studio
AirSuite - The Cloud Based Radio Studio
Running your station
just got so much easier.
Take full control over your
Generate and manage your playlists for up to 8 weeks at a time. Allowing full control over your station's output, while enabling your DJs to upload or voicetrack well in advance of broadcast.
Give your DJs Choice with the
Broadcast Feed
With AirSuite's unique broadcast feed, give your DJs total flexibility over the broadcasting of their shows. Giving them multiple broadcast permissions allows them to choose the method of delivery for each of their shows.
Build a perfect rotation with
Formats & Containers
Combine AirSuite's formats & containers to shape the sound of your station. Create simple or complex media rotations while utilising the power of containers to share sections across multiple formats.
All the tools you need
in one place.
3 stream endpoints included as standard 
Audio Processing
Professional real-time audio processing
Message Centre
View and manage all of your station messages 
Audio Logging
Each hour automatically recorded for logging & archiving
Desktop Tools
A range of installable software tools for broadcasting