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Visualise your station's Lineup at a glance with The
Shows Calendar
Easily view your station's upcoming weeks of scheduled shows. Quickly make adjustments, duplicate shows and apply one off or permanent scheduling changes.
Make your station stand out with pro-level
Audio Processing
Use the power of AirSuite's four stage processing chain consisting of gain control, multiband compression and limiting to bring a consistent and punchy sound to your station's output utilising the same processing techniques found in professional radio station hardware.
Keep track of your audience with detailed
Listener Statistics
Highly detailed listener statistics help you determine your most popular shows and the countries your audience are listening from. Pin-point the locations currently listening to your station with the live connection map. Control which countries have access to tune in to your station at any time and analyse historic data to monitor changes in listening behaviours.
Let your users decide 
how they broadcast
Interact with your listeners in real-time with
Live Broadcasting
Broadcast live using a number of methods. From our Windows based broadcaster to a live encoder of your choice. All with clear direction of when to start and stop playing your audio!
Take syndicated shows or prepare segments with
Recorded Uploads
Take control of your pre-recorded show content. Upload a full 60 minute file or manage multi-part content with ease via AirSuite's segment uploads. Insert station branding between segments and keep track of required uploads from the broadcast feed.
Sound live with fully featured
With AirSuite's advanced voicetracking you can easily produce a future show in no time! Clicking between the two items presents you with the end of the previous item and the beginning of the next. Simply speak over and between the items, just as you would if you were live and hit save!
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